X-Men #18 Review

by Ryan.L on February 24, 2021

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Mahmud Asrar
Colorist: Sunny Gho
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Wolverine, Darwin, and Synch enter the Vault.

Ok now this was an issue. I was excited to finally get back to the story where the team entered the Vault. While the children of the vault have never been one of my favorites, I am intrigued how they will affect Jonathan Hickman's X-Men. This story moving forward is going to have huge implications from one small revelation that was dropped in our laps. While this issue had lots of action and was a pretty exciting and thrilling adventure, I think the revelation about the implications of the resurrection process has me more excited to see where this goes. It is also a way for them to use different mutants in more unique and exciting ways. Kinda like how Synch was utilized in this issue.

That was another thing I thoroughly enjoyed about this issue. Hickman seriously leveled up Synch and wow I want a lot more of him now. If he makes it onto Hickman's elected roster of X-Men I'd be very happy. This issue was from Synch's perspective and that also added to how great a read this book was. 

The design of the Vault was so cool and well done. It almost has this Tron or Cybertron feel to it. Since time moves differently in the Vault it would be kinda cool to have an entire series, even a mini-series set inside. Then we would get a lot more time to explore this fantastically designed space.

Overall this issue gave us an action packed story with some big implications on what we know of the mutants side of the Marvel Universe. I'm definitely intrigued how Hickman and his teams will utilize this new change going forward.

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