Hellions #7 Review

by Ryan.L on December 03, 2020

Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Stephen Segovia
Colorist: David Curiel
Publisher: Marvel Comics
The fallout from ‘X of Swords’ continues.
Ok so I have been wondering after reading this issue, what the real reason the Hellions part in ‘X of Swords’ was. This issue we get to see what the fallout as three members of the team died on Arakko, which means they should resurrect fine. Though we see that fully isn’t the case in this issue. Some came back different.
In Wildchild’s case it seems like they wanted to make him into more of a tame Sabretooth. Since Sabretooth is in the black pit, this does give them a chance to have a character similar but that is more controllable. I worry though with the changes to some of these characters, it will throw off the dynamics of the book that was working really well.
Another part of this book was a conversation between Havok and Emma. He wants to be off this misfit team and says he’s healed. This conversation came off like a message from the creative team to the fans of Havok. “We know how much you want him to be redeemed, but that’s not happening any time soon.” It’s unfortunate, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen for my boy any time soon.
There is a surprise ending which is pretty exciting. Not much really happened to make this a must read though besides the cliffhanger. A lot of wrapping up earlier story threads and tossing out bread crumbs of new ones to come. That being said this was still an enjoyable read.
Overall this book sets up an exciting confrontation but other than that it was a fun read but felt more like filler than anything else. I hope this series can get into its groove soon and not be thrust into another event before it does.

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