New Mutants #11 Review

by Ryan.L on July 22, 2020

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Flaviano
Publisher: Marvel Comics
This chapter comes to an end, and while this story wasn’t terrible it wasn’t all that exciting either.  I did enjoy how the team brought in the assistance of Wildside. He brought a unique element to the team. I think this is where ‘New Mutants’ stays interesting. The rotating cast of young mutants continues to change up the dynamics in a good way. The stand-out for me though is definitely Boom-Boom. She is so much fun to read and her interactions with her teammates is hilarious.
This book has had its ups and downs, and I’m really hoping that it starts the ups once again. The young mutants have always been one of the most exciting teams to read. This past story arc that just ended had its moments, but really when you look at how excellent some of the previous story arcs were this one just doesn’t make the cut. It’s pretty forgettable when you really look at it. We really seem to be getting ‘New Mutants’ by the numbers. While other x-books are breaking new ground, this one seems to be taking old ideas and just giving them a fresh paint job.
I understand that rescuing new mutants has always been a major part of the x-books. This new mutants powers are a new twist one ones we have seen a little bit of before. It made for some pretty exciting moments, but was that enough? Honestly I don’t think so.
The next story arc we are getting the team heading out to find out who is running the DOX website. Magik will be heading the team and for that I am really excited. Hopefully it can pick things up again and bring this book back to being one of the best in the lineup.
Overall this is still a worthwhile read. There is lots of action, comedy and antics to enjoy. Those that have been following the series will probably enjoy it. If you are new to the series I’d hold off until the next issue and the new story arc begins.

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