X-Men #3 (1963) Review

by Ryan.L on April 29, 2020

Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Enter the Blob! This issue we see the X-Men test the Blob and see if he is a mutant and a worthy member of the X-Men. Things don’t go as planned and the X-Men go up against maybe the greatest foe they have dealt with yet.
While the last issue seemed to miss, this one was probably the best yet. It was so much fun, the jokes seemed to land more, and even Xavier seemed to care more about his students than in the previous issue.
One of the elements that really makes the x-books work is the soap opera element. This is the first issue that we really get to see that elements of the books and wow it shines a lot here. While most of the X-Men have expressed a fancy for Jean Grey, this issue we see all of them really fight over her and her attention. There is also one of the biggest cringe moments in comics in this issue where even Professor Xavier professes his unyielding love for young Jean Grey. He only mentions it to himself, but while his age has never been revealed in these early books we assume he is in his 40s or 50s. The cringe worthy moment comes from us knowing that Jean is only around 15 in these early books. While this story line was quickly dropped, it was fun to see how much every one of the X-Men once held a candle for her.
I also now miss scientist Xavier after reading this issue. These books are before Beast stepped up to build machines for Xavier and many years before also Forge appeared. Here Xavier built the machines to enhance his powers. It’s a shame that this eventually went away. It really showed that Xavier isn’t just a mutant in a wheelchair. That he has more talents than that of his telepathy. Though in modern day comics there are enough mutants to create his many ideas.
Overall this issue has to be the best in the series so far. You really get to see the team work together while also having all that soap opera drama weaved into it. Such a fun book I highly recommend it.

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