X-Force #4 Review

by Ryan.L on December 18, 2019

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Joshua Cassara
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Another day another infiltration of the mutant’s sovereign nation. This time it’s another facility separate from the island of Krakoa.
So ‘X-Force’ has been one of the best books in the ‘Dawn of X’ line up. This issue is no different than the previous three issues. Though in this one we finally get some answers that many of us have been asking since ‘House of X’ launched. Especially around the concept of their reincarnation by the Five with members like Wolverine. While even the answers bring more questions, found myself pretty satisfied with the reasoning they gave.
While this book has been mainly dark, gritty, and very serious, as like the last issue this one we see a lot more jokes mixed in throughout. We get to see some relationships of long time X-Men bloom and have a bit of a tête-à-tête with nicknames we haven’t heard in a very long time.
Though with all the areas that this book shines, there is a trend that we are starting to see form. The X-Men have become Aeon Flux. If anyone has seen the 1991 animated show, you might know the reference. In that show the main character sets out on missions but seemingly each episode fails and dies, to then pick back up the next episode. With the mutants now being immortal it feels like they are headed in the same direction. While it does feel that the stakes are being raised, it also makes our mutants seem less skilled to deal with these threats. That they went from an elite team that can stop other worldly catastrophes, to not even being able to complete any mission without dying.
Death has really become a cliché in comics. It no longer shocks or surprises readers anymore because it’s used far too often. Once we learned that the mutants would be immortal, many of us hoped that the overuse of death would no longer be a problem. Well that unfortunately isn’t true. We have had several mutants die, and now die again. It’s almost comical and hard for me to take the story serious because the mutants just seem so underpowered and somewhat useless.
Overall this is still one of the best books and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We get a hefty dose of action, intrigue, drama, comedy and more death.

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