Fallen Angels #1 Review

by Ryan.L on November 13, 2019

Writer: Bryan Hill
Artist: Szymon Kudranski
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Ask most fans and they will tell you that the ‘Dawn of X’ book they are the least excited for and it would be ‘Fallen Angels.’ I was one of those fans that was very unsure what this book was going to deliver. Psylocke’s history is a tangle mess and separating Betsy and Kwannon doesn’t untangle that mess, it just perpetrates to make it more tangled. But I am here to tell you that ‘Fallen Angels’ may be one of the best books of the ‘Dawn of X’ line-up.
I enjoyed this book so incredibly much. Just like ‘X-Force’ this book was dark, gritty and didn’t pull any punches. This is our first time having Kwannon at the forefront, and I can’t wait for more. She has a lot of soul searching and finding out just who she is separate from Betsy, but it isn’t going to be easy. Nothing ever is for Kwannon, it just seems to be her fate.
At first when I read the solicitations for this series I thought the teaming up of Psylocke (Kwannon), X-23 and Cable was kind of odd but somehow it also made sense. Now after reading the first issue this is the team up I have been wanting and didn’t even know it! Psylocke and X-23 have so much in common that they just get each other. While X-23 and Honey Badger made for some hilarious moments, I’m actually enjoying Psylocke and X-23 a lot more. They’re not a comedic team, but a bad ass couple of women that won’t be pushed around. They both have something to prove, and in this issue we see what X-23’s main drive is and all I can say about that is, it’s about time.
Another part of this issue I really enjoyed was Magneto. The events of this book take place after the first issue of X-Force. Psylocke’s interaction with Magneto was so good. Also the art for Magneto’s scenes mixed with his personality delivered some of the best Magneto moments we have had in years. While they are subtle I really felt elements of old Magneto coming through. Just amazing, and shows how this creative team really understands the characters they are writing and drawing.
The art in this book is always incredible. Very different from the other books, which really set it apart. But it also is perfect for who Psylocke is and the tone of the book. There were so many moments that I just found myself in all and a little disturbed. Not all the x-books can be bright and happy, and this one delivers something truly unique.
Overall this is a sleeper hit that you shouldn’t miss. This book is going to take us to dark places, pull no punches, and I for one do not want off this ride.

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