Last Born #2

by RobertJCross on October 29, 2014

Written by: Eric Zawadski
Art by: Patrick Meaney

Black Mask Studios is not one that is known the world over like the "Big 2" or Image, but what they lack in street cred they more than make up for in story. The first issue of this was pretty good storywise, which surprised me greatly because it was the first Black Mask comic I'd ever read. I was astonished by the premise as well: Girl who is ready to give up everything when she's pressured by a wicked aunt, gives up everything, only to find out that everything she thought was a lie in her life was indeed truth. She has to overcome her fear and finally accept that she can never go home and that the world she now inhabits is plagued by a psychosuperbeing that is hunting her and other inhabitants she encounters...TALL ORDER/BIG CONCEPT...I like it.

The story is penned by the talented Eric Zawadski, who does a fine job with this issue. His dialogue wa spot on and like I said, I really dug the storyline. It's a rare bird to find quality in independent comics. Glad I got to witness it first hand and I'm grateful for that and I'm actually bummed that this is only a 4-issue run. If only for the superb story.

That said, I was not a big fan of the art. Some of the panels were good and I got the jist of the story based on the illustration, which should be enough. Unfortunately it was not. Some of the art looked like it was drawn while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. I do not approve.

Artwork aside, which I'm going to give a slight pass on, this was a solid comic.

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