Genius #5

by RobertJCross on August 27, 2014

Written by: Marc Bernardin & Adam Freeman
Art by: Afua Richardson

This is it. The end of an amazing run. I can't say that I'm not completely and utterly heartbroken at the notion that I will have to wait until a new storyline is cast until I can read Genius again. Hopefully Destiny will still be a part of this amazing series. It was simply poetic how this comic had come into being right as African-Americans in Missouri were waging a war with their police force. It made the comic seem so much more plausible and real. In the comic book world, that feat is truly hard, but Genius broke the mold on that front. It was a fresh new story and talking about it in the past is so heart wrenching to me because of its amazing ending...ugh.

The B&F Crew need a couple Eisner Awards. All through the series, I was taken aback by the constant quality of the issues. It was so well written and so well paced and so well everythinged that I was grabbed from the first panel and narrowly escaped the last. I'm sure these guys will continue to put out quality comic books long after this run. The writing was just phenomenal throughout. A well-oiled machine that will continue to provide.

If the writing is the brains of the operation, then Richardson's art is the soul and the backbone. Christ almighty, what beautiful spreads that this woman can create. The color, the majesty, the grace, the sexuality. It exudes off the page with every new panel and of course we'll be seeing more of it in other comic runs. Whoever doesn't hire this fine artist is doing themselves a great disservice. I personally can't wait for her return, and anyone who reads this series should definitely feel the same.

Rest In Peace. Must buy.

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