Genius #4

by RobertJCross on August 26, 2014

Written by: Marc Bernardin & Adam Freeman
Art by: Afua Richardson

Man, this is a great comic. One of the best and most gritty when dealing with the subject matter. I'm gonna be bummed to see it go next issue. That said, this is a strong catalyst to the end. The twists and turns in this piece are a roller coaster of emotion. You will be nauseated by the time you finish the last page. So much great storytelling and atmosphere that we've come to expect from this series. Again, it blows my mind and breaks my heart that it is coming to an end.

Bernardin and Freeman are the best at what they're doing in this business. The utter brilliance of this series is proof enough that they deserve any praise they get for the rest of their hopefully long career in comic book writing. A "Dynamic Duo" if you will. One can only hope that their writing stays the same for years to come. The characters are all rich with nuances that most writers screw up on. Destiny's constant struggle with her gift and the struggle with keeping her neighborhood together makes the writing break the fourth wall at points. This issue is just another shining example of that.

Richardson should be commissioned to paint murals all over urban areas throughout the country, she just captures the struggle. Her art is beyond much of what I've seen in other of the same medium. Comic books have long since been looked down upon because of having "little to no complexity" in every element, but artists like Richardson take the criticisms and with each pencil stroke make them into moot points. Her talent is mostly in her use of movement and the dynamics of the facial expressions. You literally feel like you're watching a movie every issue...gotta love it.

If you haven't started reading this or you have read the previous three...more gold, BUY NOW!!!!

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yeah..indeed..this is one of the best comics I've read so far..remember when a new issue came out I was so into reading it that forgot to do some school assignments and had to have an expert write my essay for me..well..nothing to be proud of but this is to what extend I came so that I could read it