Genius #3

by RobertJCross on August 19, 2014

Written by: Marc Bernardin & Adam Freeman
Art by: Afua Richardson
Another quality issue from Top Cow. Genius is turning out to be a great comic. All of the foreshadowing and the flashbacks really bring Destiny’s character to light in a way that very little writers and artists can in a comic. On top of all that, we have the setting which pumps the lifeblood into this story. Where would Destiny be if not in the heart of South Central Los Angeles? She might be in Detroit or even in Harlem. Or perhaps she’d be in Ferguson, MO where racial tensions with police are coming to a head much like in the comic book world. Art imitating life? Or life imitating art? It’s a very interesting coincidence that these events are occurring as the comic is being released. I’d call it great timing.

Bernardin & Freeman once again hone their craft with amazing precision in this issue. Destiny’s beginnings are written like a cautionary tale that has been told too many times before. These two write it in a way that makes you feel immense sympathy for everybody involved, even if you aren’t living on the rough streets of Los Angeles. I really enjoyed the political element of this issue as well, just pure quality all around.

Richardson delivers again in the art department. Every inch of that little space in South Central is drawn to perfection. The characters come to life as always, breathing and emoting like only Richardson can draw. I love the way she makes Destiny this unassuming hero with her facial expressions, but the writing cuts into the art to make every line mean something different each time you read. Richardson can make the most vicious character look approachable. I applaud her work.

Great issue as always.

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