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The Mighty Crusaders #3 Review

by Olivier Roth on February 16, 2018

Story by: Ian Flynn

Pencils by: Kelsey Shannon

Colors by: Matt Herms

Published by: Dark Circle Comics


The Mighty Crusaders is starting to feel a lot like a nice throwback to old-school superhero team books - and that is an extremely good thing. In today’s comic scene, most of the team books out there don’t always concentrate on the smaller things that made team books great, and that is a shame. Sometimes all you need is a villain to fight (not another hero) and some good foreshadowing to future threats to the team.


This issue sees the team come up against The Eliminators on Capitol Hill and also serves as a spotlight on one of the veteran Crusaders: Steel Sterling. Flynn gives us a first-person point of view for Steel as he goes about trying to take down the Eliminators, a group he has fought before. You see his experience shine through all while he provides glimpses to his past.


However, it is not all about Steel, but also about the entirety of the Crusaders as they try to take down this menace. It seems the Eliminators have a new recruit who is wrecking some havoc on the team.


With the main story concentrating on the fight, the backup sees the resurrection of the Dream Demon - something that has been set-up since the first issue. So now, the Crusaders not only have the Eliminators to deal with, but a bigger, looming threat.


Kelsey Shannon’s art and colors by Matt Herms is clean and very vibrant and really fits well with the atmosphere of the issue.

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