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Bombshells United #11

by Olivier Roth on February 07, 2018

Writer: Marguerite Bennett

Artist: Stephen Byrne

Published by: DC Comics


If there is one word that I could use to describe the theme of this issue it would be simple: sacrifice. Throughout the issue, Bennett showcases that there are quite a number of her characters that are willing to sacrifice their own life to save the lives of others.


With Black Adam nearing his end-goal of reviving his lost love Isis in the Lazarus Pit, it is up to this team of Bombshells to try and make sure that doesn’t happen. However, it isn’t the Bombshells who are about to save the day, but Jason, Batwoman and Montoya’s adopted son come back to life who will play the role of the true hero in this issue.


At many points throughout the issue, it seems like Black Adam will win. But Jason, with the help of a depowered Mary Marvel and to a lesser extent Cheetah, have other plans to try and thwart him. They don’t all work - mostly because Black Adam is successful - but it’s Jason’s conviction that allows the tide to turn in the end.


For the first time in a few issues, I feel like this storyline has finally turned a corner and started producing some results. In previous issues, the exposition could become too much, but with these two new chapters, Bennett produces a plot that advances by leaps and bounds the story without being bogged down by any extra fluff.


Art duties this month go to Stephen Byrne who has a somewhat cartoony style, but is helped by the fact that he inks and colors his own work. I really appreciated the lighting he uses throughout the issue to really make the characters pop off the page - especially when the characters are surrounded by an illuminated Lazarus Pit.

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