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Gotham City Garage #1

by Olivier Roth on October 11, 2017

Gotham City Garage #1

Story by: Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing
Art by: Brian Ching
Colors by: Kelly Fitzpatrick
Published by: DC Comics


In another digital-first book this week, Gotham City Garage is another fun exploration of known characters in an unknown world. I had already done a review of the first chapter here so I will concentrate on the second chapter for this review.


After meeting the new biker heroines of Harley Quinn, Silver Banshee, Big Barda and Catwoman, Kara Gordon is brought to their main headquarters: The Gotham City Garage. Here we get to meet what I believe is the leader of this rag-tag group of potential “rebel” fighters to Lex Luthor’s and the Bat’s reign over The Garden, Natasha Irons - Steel.


After a pretty good monologue from Kara, Steel reluctantly accepts Kara’s reasoning and allows her into the clubhouse. We get some more inner monologue from Kara until she decides to spray-paint a pretty iconic symbol on her jacket.


Meanwhile, back in The Garden, Kara’s father has been cornered by The Bat after helping Kara escape from the city. This leads to a quite shocking final panel.


In all, Gotham City Garage was quite the fun read. I have to give DC Comics some much needed praise in their continued use of the digital-first format to explore different aspects of the DC Universe. To be quite honest, it’s still fascinating that a line of statues has so deftly been turned into a comic. Great job to The Gotham City Garage team.

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