Star Wars (2020) #7 Review

by NumidianPrime on October 11, 2020

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Ramon Rosanas
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Publisher: Marvel

This month's issue of the mainline Star Wars comic kicks off the second arc in Charles Soule's run on the comic, this time taking a step back from Luke's Jedi adventures to focus on the origins of Imperial Commander Zahra, an old protoge of Tarkin and seemingly the main antagonist of this story for the forseeable future. 

This was a pretty good backstory issue. The individual aspects of the story and Tarkin's role in it are all things we've more or less seen before in Star Wars history, but Soule is still a gifted enough writer to make it stay engaging and interesting. Zahra's story is weaved in with familiar beats from Tarkin's life, including some impressive tie-ins to his titular novel from years back. Soule even throws in the obligatory references to the upcoming High Republic (which feel they're starting to become a regularity). As for Zahra herself, she's interesting enough. Her characterization seems fairly straightforward and I hope the series will end up taking her in unexpected directions eventually but for now she serves her role and she should provide an interesting foil for Leia. 

I'm happy to see that this arc is only two issues long, which is something Soule has done in his previous ongoings multiple times. I appreciate it, because it stops stories from ending up too bloated most of the time. Many of the other series stick to a standard five or six issues per arc for the entire run. Rosanas' art fits the tone of the series fairly well. I had really liked the atmosphere Saiz had brought to the series for the first arc, particularly the earlier issues, but Rosanas did a consistent job with enhancing the story and never taking me out of it. It seems like the series will continue to switch up authors so I hope the run doesn't end up feeling disjointed in the end like some older series have, but it's been fine so far.

Overall, Soule still has yet to let me down with this run yet. I do enjoy Luke and his quest for Jedi knowledge more on average but I'm also definitely happy to have a balance of that with stories more focused on the war and the rebels. I'm excited to see how this arc concludes next issue and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing where the general arc of this run goes. 

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