Star Wars Saga #1 Review

by NumidianPrime on December 06, 2019

Writer: Jess Harrold
Artist: Various
Letterer: Various
Publisher: Marvel

This week's Star Wars Saga #1 is a one shot intended to serve as a primer to get readers caught up on the event of the 75-issue-long Star Wars series, covering the events of Jason Aaron's, Kieron Gillen's, and Grek Pak's runs on the series, in addition to some small material on the Darth Vader and Doctor Aphra runs. 

There isn't too much to say about this issue, because it is just a summary, but I honestly didn't enjoy it a lot even as a summary. I think it might leave a bad taste in my mouth because I don't much see the point of it. This isn't the format these stories are intended to be consumed in and the upcoming Charles Soule relaunch of the series likely is not going to require readers to be fully versed on the events of these seventy-five issues. I'm not sure if these primers are commonplace in other Marvel series but I don't think this series needed it.

Beyond that, it's an average summary. It isn't much more than reading the Wikipedia page with art underneath it but it covers just about all of the story beats. I did think it was odd how the Doctor Aphra series got one page, which didn't really allow for an adquate summary of that series and felt redundant to what this was supposed to cover, but I suppose it was there to show what happened to the character after she left this series. 

If a reader is only looking for a summary, this will just about cover it, but I think if they're interested in the events of the series, they're better off reading the stories themselves for enjoyment rather than thinking of it as required reading to understand other stories. Still, even if I don't love the issue as a primer, it works alright as a reminder in advance of Empire Ascendant later this month, which will serve as the grand finale to this era of storytelling. Hopefully that satisfies me more than #75 or this did. 

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