Star Wars #74 Review

by NumidianPrime on November 16, 2019

Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Phil Noto
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Publisher: Marvel

This issue of the Star Wars series is the seventh and penultimate story in the Rebels and Rogues arc. Han, Leia, and Dar Champion must face a Star Destroyer alone while Luke tries to get off Sergia and Chewie tries to hold Vader back on K-43. 

I thought this was a decent enough issue. My biggest problem with this arc has been the slow pace so it's nice to have things kick up a bit as the arc nears its end. That said, I'm still not sure how satisfying the final issue will be, which is a shame. A seventy-five issue-long series ending with an eight issue arc would make you think the series is going to go out with a big conclusion that brings a good end to all of the plot threads, but instead this has been almost entirely a self-contained story.

The two biggest new characters in this arc are Dar Champion and Warba. Dar Champion I still have yet to find myself warming up to but I have to say that Warba has been growing on me over time. As we've learned more about her, I've found myself caring about her more, unlike Dar Champion. It's a shame because of the two Dar Champion is the one with ties to the heroes already as Leia's ex, so I would have hoped to enjoy him more. Maybe Charles Soule will use him in the next run.

I'm a bit disappointed that the much hyped-up Chewie/Vader fight ended up not being very much at all. It's more realistic because Vader would probably win a fight instantly but it feels like that battle has been built up to for a while and it didn't amount to much. It could still go into the next issue but I don't think it will for very long now that Luke has arrived. Han, Leia, and Dar Champion taking on a Star Destroyer, to a lesser degree, also feels like something built up to an anticlimax. 

Noto's artwork is great as always, it's a shame he only gets such a short run on the series compared to some of the previous artists I enjoyed less who got much longer runs. I think this will be an arc that I end up appreciating more in a year when I read it as a trade paperback. There's nothing necessarily wrong with that but I do miss also enjoying the series quite a bit as single issues. I've found myself going back to the end of Kieron Gillen's run on the series, just before the start of this arc, more and more lately. I hope that Pak can bring as fulfilling a climax as he did. And if not, there's always Empire Ascendant next month. 

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