Doctor Aphra #29 Review

by NumidianPrime on February 27, 2019

Writer: Simon Spurrier

Artist: Emilio Laiso

Letterer: Joe Caramagna

Publisher: Marvel

The next installment in the Worst Among Equals arc, this issue starts off with Aphra and Triple Zero corneded by the Milvayne authorities led by a zombified Tam Posla. Also on their list of problems, they have only hours to get to a specialist that can remove the ticking time bombs inside of them, planted there by Dr Evazan, while also avoiding the monster hunters Evazan sent after them to ensure they don't survive. 

I'm a big fan of this arc, I think it's one of the series' best. I think the release schedule hurts it a little bit, because it feels like this arc has been going on for a long time, enough that I was surprised when I looked and saw that this is only Part IV of VI. Especially considering this arc is on such a compressed time table, taking place over a very short period of time. I think this arc would benefit more from reading all together in a trade, and two issues a month might be a good idea for the overall series. 

The character work continues to be great. For once it's Triple Zero's sentimentality that gets the duo into trouble, not Aphra's. Seeing the public relations department of the Empire was a fun turn I wasn't expecting, and it's interesting to see how they handle planets like Milvayne that have a relatively low Imperial presence.

The art is as great as it always is, I hope that Laiso stays with the series for the long haul. His style really fits and the series demonstrably isn't quite the same without him. 

I don't have much else to say about this issue. It was enjoyable, no huge events to note yet. I'm expecting it to continue to heat up, I have some theories based on the solicitations for the next few issues. Definitely looking forward to seeing how this arc gets resolved and what will be up next for the characters. The series works well just going arc to arc without a larger endgame like the other ongoings. Can't wait to see what happens next!

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