Star Wars #59 Review

by NumidianPrime on January 09, 2019

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Angel Unzueta
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Publisher: Marvel

This issue is the fourth installment in the current arc, “The Escape.” Luke, Leia, and Han are stranded on Hubin after being separated from the rebel fleet, taking residence with the Markona clan. Luke has grown restless during their time on the moon and recklessly activated a signal in an attempt to contact the rebels, while Leia has started to plan a retaliation against Queen Trios for her betrayal.

This arc has finally started to pick up a little plotwise. The front half was mostly a character-focused breather after three big event arcs with lots of action. I enjoyed the slower pace a lot, it gave us great moments like Han telling Leia about his backstory, but it’s nice to see things start to pick back up. I was worried going into this issue that it wouldn’t have much to it but I was really glad that the gunfight shown on the cover of the issue was very brief and to the point, it didn’t distract from the plot much or stretch it out unnaturally.

It’s cool to see SCAR Squadron again after their extended absence from the series. I was surprised that there was a direct mention of the events of the Storms of Crait one shot that tied into The Last Jedi, it was published outside of the series by a different team and had gone unreferenced so far.

Part of me feels like it would have been better if SCAR had died in that story, because the story felt like it was going there only to throw in a cheap and unearned line about them managing to “limp away.” This issue builds up to a fight between Luke and Kreel in the next one but it sort of feels like this is a fight Luke has already won. He bested Kreel already back in Storms of Crait. He even destroyed Kreel’s lightsaber but it’s back here good as new. Luke and Kreel both jumping at the idea was nice and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes but right now it feels a bit repetitive.

I’m also not sure how I feel about Sana’s role in the arc so far. I thought it was really cool how she came back at the end of Hope Dies and seemed to have a big part to play here but she dropped out of the plot after the first issue only to return here after being captured offscreen and interrogated to give away the heroes’ location. I think it would’ve been better if Luke’s signal had been intercepted by SCAR because it would’ve given Luke further consequences for his recklessness. I’m hoping she’ll get a bigger and better part to play in the next two issues and coming arcs.

I don’t really have strong feelings about the Markona family either way right now. They have some interesting aspects to them but I haven’t connected with them. Tula’s relationship with Luke still feels a bit underdeveloped. The art still has some weird faces but besides that it’s decent. Unzueta isn’t my favorite artist but he definitely isn’t my least favorite and he has some strong qualities to him.

It’s an OK issue overall. Probably my least favorite of the arc so far, but I’m still really enjoying the arc overall and I’m excited for whatever plans Gillen has for the future. I’m hoping my opinion of SCAR’s return improves next issue and even if it doesn’t I’m sure it’ll be a fun read.

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