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Detective Comics #960

by Nick Liu on July 12, 2017

Author:  James Tynion IV
Pencils: Alvaro Martinez
Inks: Raul Fernandez
Colors: Brad Anderson

James Tynion IV and his art team knock it out of the park again with issue #960 of Detective Comics, part three of the “Intelligence” arc.

We revisit the Batfamily after their chance encounter with Ascalon, the artificial angel created by the Order of St. Dumas.  As Kate Kane and Luke Fox try to decipher the mystery of Ascalon, Azrael is left to battle the nefarious programming instilled into him by the Order from childhood for control of his body.  Meanwhile, Batman implores guest star Zatanna for help in solving the mysteries behind the mysterious metal alloys that are the reason for Dark Nights: Metal, this summer’s blockbuster DC event.

After almost 30 issues (!!) Detective Comics has cemented itself as the go-to comic for someone looking for a more cerebral character exploration.  Tynion IV brings his expansive knowledge of modern-age Batman to bring us insightful character studies of Azrael, Batwoman, Batwing and others while still being faithful to their original characterizations.  I’ve said this before, but Tynion IV’s respect for and utilization of character voice as they were originally written is one of his best and most impressive traits.

As a fan of the Batfamily and great character work, do not miss this issue.  Highly recommended.

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