Year Zero Vol.2 #4 Review

by Nick Devonald on February 23, 2021

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Juan José Ryp
Colours: Frank Martin Jr.
Letters: Andworld Design

We’re now approaching the end of the second volume of Year Zero, AWA’s Zombie Apocalyspe anothology. Zombie stories have been done to the death across all the different forms of media, but what separates Benjamin Percy’s stories from the others are the interesting characters and stories he’s created. Watching the characters on their journey, seeing them grow and change, that’s what makes an interesting story that lives on long after the reader has closed the final page. And that’s exactly what Percy has given us here. Interesting characters, unique scenarios, against a backdrop of the Zombie apocalypse.

There is a very clear beginning, middle and end with each of his stories, and this issue makes sure all of the pieces are in place for an epic finale in the next issue. It’s clear how much each of the characters have changed across the four issues so far, and readers will be invested in their story. A lot of comics fall into the trap of not showing any character growth as the story progresses, which Percy manages to avoid. By telling four short stories in an anthology format across each volume it also means that none of the characters are safe. Whether or not they will all make it out is up in the air. Will Hallie Ragnar find a safe haven for herself and her grandkids? What fate awaits our Colombian drug lord El Topo? Will Ishmael Achebe be able to redeem himself for abandoning his patients? And will Tina Pumper be able to give birth and protect her baby?

Juan José Ryp’s does an incredible job with the art. How many other comics are on the market that would switch seamlessly between a boat in the Norwegian Sea, to the estate of a Colombian drug lord, to a supermarket in Arizona, to Rwanda. There are a host of unique characters, who are all very distinct and memorable, to a host of wild animals. He takes everything that Percy throws at him in his stride and produces one of the best looking comics out there. Frank Martin Jr. does an excellent job with the colours as well, subtle changes as the story transitions between settings help distinguish the location change, while also making Ryp’s art look absolutely incredible.

One of the most entertaining comics currently on shelves, Percy gives us one of the best comics on the market, storytelling so good it transcends the typical limitations of the Zombie genre. The art lives up to the high standards set by Percy’s writing, and this is THE zombie apocalypse that all comic book fans need in their lives.

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