Betty and Veronica Friends Forever: At The Movies Review

by Nathan Koffler on May 02, 2018

Writer: Bill Golliher
Artists: Dan Parent and Rich Koslowski
Letterer: Jack Morelli
Colorist: Glenn Whitmore
Publisher: Archie Comics

Betty and Veronica Friends Forever: At The Movies features four classic Betty and Veronica stories about the girls either seeing movies or being in movies themselves. This issue has everything you want from a short collection of stories from Archie Comics. The stories are silly and fun, even if we have seen some of them in digests very recently.

Every time I read these digests or small collections of classic stories from Archie Comics, I always enjoy it. Despite how silly or predictable they always are, they are never not entertaining. These four stories are no different as they are each tiny adventures that we get to see our beloved Riverdale residents get themselves through. 

One of the best things about classic Archie stories is the way the art makes me feel. It doesn’t matter how many times I see this same style or even these same stories, it is such a comforting style to look at. 

There is a reason that Dan Parent and Rich Koslowski along with the other several artists for Archie Comics have been able to continue this style for so long. And there is a reason that Archie Comics is able to continue to print old Archie stories in digests along with new ones. The art and the stories work together perfectly every time to create a pleasant reading experience. These four stories are as delightful as they always were, and easily worth the $2.99 and few minutes that it will take you to read it. 

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