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Donald Duck: Nest of the Demon Birds Review

by Nathan Koffler on February 28, 2018

Writers: Lars Jensen, Francois Corteggiani, Dick Matena, David Gerstein
Artists: Flemming Anderson, Daan Jippes, Ulrich Schroeder, Dick Matena, Jack Bradbury
Colorists: Egmont and Digikore Studios
Letterers: Travis and Nicole Seitler, Rome Simeon
Translator: Thad Komorowski

Like many of theses collections that Disney has been releasing with IDW, this large volume contains several stories new and old from writers and artists from different countries. I really enjoy these volumes and this one is no different as it is enjoyable from start to finish.

One of my favorite things about this volume is the range of time periods these stories have come from. From 1959 to 2012, these artists and writers have released their vision for these iconic Disney characters in short and fun stories and as these volumes continue to come out, we have the privilege of jumping back in time with them.

The art style of the older comics is really amazing to see alongside the more modern stories. Interestingly enough, the writing style of the old stories versus the new differ a lot and it is really fun experiencing different decades of comic books.

The stories within this volume are all fun, silly, predictable, and comfortable. There isn’t much more relaxing to me than reading collections of old comics featuring characters that I love, and this volume is perfect for just that. It takes me on small adventures full of problems and humor all while ending each story with a comforting close. Plus, a major added bonus is the several pages of incredible and beautiful artwork of the Disney characters at the end of the volume. 

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