The Silencer #3 Review

by Michael D on March 28, 2018

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: John Romita Jr.
Colorist: Dean White
Publisher: DC Comics
            This New Age of Heroes line was supposed to put the spotlight on artist and this issue gives John Romita Jr. a ton to work with. The creative team delivered a ridiculous, action packed issue that never lets up. It’s over the top but I found myself having a lot of fun with it.

           The plot isn’t moved forward too much, instead were treated to Honor taking on a warehouse full of assassins. John Romita Jr. goes wild with this action. It constantly escalates and I found the last bit to be ridiculous but it also left me grinning like an idiot. I enjoyed JRJR’s art here. It’s chaotic and relentless, something he displays very well. Although, I sometimes found it’s too chaotic and imagine it’s a bit easy to get lost. Worth mentioning is that JRJR has a particular style and while I enjoyed his work this issue, there’s nothing here that would suddenly turn you into a fan if you weren’t already. This is his last issue on the series as Viktor Bogdanovic takes over art duties.

           The plot didn’t move along too far but we did see how her old life coming back to haunt her impacts her new life. The relationship with her family, especially her son is easily the most compelling aspect of this book. It was great to see the paranoia take over Honor with simple acts such as dinner with her son. 

           The book was a blast this month, the art was bombastic and a ton of fun. Dean White’s colors continue to bring the art to life. The plot didn’t move too far here but as John Romita Jr’s last issue, the focus needed to be on action and he got to go out in style. Finally, that ending has me real excited for the next arc where The Silencer makes her presence in the DC Universe known.

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