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She-Hulk #163 Review

by Michael D on March 08, 2018

Writer: Mariko Tamaki
Artist: Diego Olortegui
Publisher: Marvel

            This was a very bittersweet issue. On one hand, it was charming and full of heart. On the other hand, it was the final issue in Mariko Tamaki’s unique take on the super heroine. Tamaki builds off the character growth from last issue to stick the landing and deliver a more positive and confident She-Hulk who’s learned from her traumas.

            Oddly enough, we start this issue at a high school prom. Some time has already passed since the last issue and Jen has already jumped back into her work with a new case. Unfortunately, she lost. The case was a hate case involving a mutant teen. Jen is trying her best to help her since the loss and that involves chaperoning a prom. It’s fun and Patsy, whose always a treat, joins in.

            After confronting her traumas head on last issue, Jen knows exactly what she’s dealing with. She knows that she might not be completely “fixed” right now but she’s working on it and there’s enough in the world to give her hope for the future. This teen for example, is a teen that goes by the name Burn. With her power Burn has the potential for uncontrollable destruction. The world constantly tells her she’s a monster and despite that, she’s making a positive impact in her world. This is something that speaks directly to Jen’s character and is handled very well. Jen takes the lessoned she’s learned from this case and facing her traumas to take a positive and exciting new direction, starting her own firm.

            The issue reached a satisfying conclusion that felt entirely earned. Crisp art from Olortegui and some great character work make for a solid send off to the series. It might have been a drastic tonal shift to what we’ve come to expect in a She-Hulk series but I’m confident that it will be looked upon positively for its worthy attempt at something new with the character. She-Hulk has already been spotted in Marvel’s “Fresh Start” so it’s only a matter of time till we see Shulkie headline her own title again and this end has me excited for a new beginning. 

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