Doctor Strange: Damnation #2 Review

by Michael D on March 07, 2018

Writer: Donny Cates & Nick Spencer
Artist: Syzmon Kudranski
Publisher: Marvel

            This issue had a lot going against it but I enjoyed the hell out of it nonetheless. It was so enjoyable because we finally see the return of the Midnight Sons. This is a team that I’ve been hoping would make a comeback and this feels like a backdoor pilot for a possible series. Unfortunately, the sharp departure in art style and plotting holds this book back from being anything more than just enjoyable.   

            This issue feels like the first issue of a new Midnight Sons book. Doctor Strange is immediately swept aside in the beginning with a quick recap of Doctor Strange #386. Worth mentioning is that Doctor Strange’s solo series seems like it will play a vital role in the series and should really be considered required reading. Major events in that series are explained in one page in this issue. Seeing how this “event” is only 4- issues long and is co-written by Cates, there is no reason to skip Doctor Strange.

           This book puts a pause on events going on in Las Vegas to allow Wong and Bats to go on a trip to recruit a new supernatural team. Most is spent introducing these new characters and seeing them come together. The character recruitment is a lot of fun mainly because the creative team is able to capture them so well with only a brief introduction. The best part comes when we finally see the team meet each other.  This team is so wild and weird that it provides plenty of opportunity for interesting interactions. I never thought I’d see Elsa arguing with Blade over his merit as a vampire hunter or Blaze question the authenticity of Iron Fist being a Midnight Son. It’s a ton of fun and hopefully drives up interest in a revival.

           Rod Reis provided some fantastic art in the first issue but now we’re treated to art by Syzmon Kudranski. First, the art is a big departure from Reis’ painted style. After one issue, it already feels like a completely different book. This is really disappointing when you consider that it’s only a four issue series. Second, I found Kudranski’s art to be really flat and uninteresting. It felt lifeless and only made me miss Reis’ art more.

           This book continues to feel a bit like a wasted potential. Change in artist and a shift in the flow of the plot hold the book back. Although, if you’re a fan of the Midnight Sons or just unconventional, weird teams in general, there’s a lot of fun to be had.

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