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Batman: White Knight #6 Review

by Michael D on March 07, 2018

Writer & Artist: Sean Murphy
Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth
Publisher: DC Comics

            Sean Murphy has given us the most intense issue of White Knight yet. Batman’s conflict with both the GCPD and Jack Napier comes to a head. This issue was, hankfully, a little more action pack than usual especially when compared to some of the recent issue in this story. The pacing is tight and it brings a renewed sense of vigor to this mini.

            Last issue, we saw that in his recklessness, Batman destroys the Gotham Gate Bridge. His actions label him public enemy number one by the GCPD. The issue is mostly revolved around GCPD figuring out of to capture Batman. It’s intense and well done, even if their method is a little uninspired. Murphy absolutely kills it on art duty. He is a master at framing action and leading the eye, creating very effective and fluid action scenes. A surprise appearance of an old school Batmobile is icing on the cake.

            Despite some great action sequences, my favorite parts of the book were still the small character driven scenes. Batgirl and Nightwing are both working with the GCPD now and have a lot to struggle with when ordered to bring in Batman. Murphy perfectly captures their voices and builds off what he’s previously established. Batgirl has become one of my favorite characters in this mini. Her earnestness and maturity make her the easiest character to root for. Jack’s brawl with Batman provided a great fight but also a surprisingly introspective realization for Jack. We finally get to see a hint of self-doubt. The old Joker was pathetic but the new Jack is maybe too brazen and overconfident. He needed to bring himself down a peg and other characters begin to realize the same thing.

            The books’ ending leaves things at an exciting point as we begin to reach the conclusion of this mini. One thing that bothered me was that the Neo-joker seems a bit too competent, evading both the GCPD and Batman. We’ve seen some surprising depth to her character but nothing to suggest she’s a criminal mastermind. Hopefully this is expanded on as she is an interestingcharacter.

            The ending is chilling, but it’s something I won’t spoil here. This book continues to be a treat and I’m excited to see how Murphy will stick the landing

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