Batman: White Knight #5

by Michael D on February 07, 2018

Writer & Artist: Sean Murphy
Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth
Publisher: DC Comics

            Sean Murphy has cranked out the most intense issue yet in his fascinating Elseworld tale. Some of the issues from previous issues are addressed here. The plot has finally picked up the pace and Batman is given some time in the spotlight.

            After some very Batman-less issues, Bruce finally gets an issue focused on himself and his relationships with the other characters. We see his falling out with the Bat Family. Nightwing and Batgirl are in with the GPD now finally breaking the family apart and forcing Bruce to go solo again. Murphy perfectly captures the strain these relationships have been on recently. It’s intense, with shots fired from both sides of the conflict. After that relation crumples, Bruce decides to talk some sense into Harley. It turns out to be a very sweet scene that shows the humanity that were used to seeing in our Batman. This is one who believes that these villains just need help. It doesn’t last long but this was a side of Batman that needed to be shown.

            Joker, I mean, Jack Napier didn’t make a lot of appearances this issue but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t the main topic of conversation. Murphy has tried really hard to distance the joker from the usual incarnation were used to. In the New 52, he was evil, an agent of chaos and maybe even an immortal being? This issue really made me realize how far the joker has fallen. He’s not scary but instead a very tragic and even pathetic character. Batman never really hurt Harley because she was someone who could keep an eye on the Joker, make sure he didn’t get into too much trouble. Neo-Harley reminisces on her time with the Joker, how he use to cry in his sleep because he was so hopelessly obsessed with Batman. He’s not scary. I find it fascinating but I can see some people being turned off by this idea. I feel as though Murphy has a lot more to do with the character before the book is done.

            We also finally see the incident that leads to Batman’s arrest. The GCPD aren’t wrong either. Without the Bat Family or Alfred, Bruce has become reckless and unstable. The plot with the Wayne family history is also picked but I found that to be the least interesting part.

            Some final bits worth mentioning is that Murphy knows how to make Poison Ivy scary. The sight of a pink robe wearing Bruce screaming “hooligans!” is worth the price of admission alone. Murphy can draw the best car chases. I want a book where it’s just one giant car chase illustrated by Murphy. Lots to enjoy, pick up this book.

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