The Silencer #1

by Michael D on January 31, 2018

Writer: Dan Abnett  
Artist: John Romita Jr
Colorist: Dean White
Publisher: DC Comics

                The Silencer #1 marks the second character to come out of DC’s New Age of Heroes initiative and thankfully, it’s a much stronger debut than Damage. Dan Abnett and John Romita Jr. introduce a badass assassin to the DC universe. I’ll be honest, Silencer isn’t an entirely unique character although, the team makes her feel unique within the DC universe and it mostly works.

               Honor Guest, AKA Silencer, is a former assassin who’s settled down and started a family. She’s got a husband and kid with a house in the suburbs complete with a minivan parked in the driveway. The only thing missing is a puppy running around the yard. It’s cute stuff but when her former life comes back to haunt her, she turns into a complete badass. The idea of an assassin/hitman leaving the business to start a normal life and said life coming back around to haunt them isn’t quite a fresh idea. It’s as if Copperhead from Kill Bill didn’t die and instead headline her owned series. Fortunately, I can’t think of a character like this existing in the DC universe, plus she’s got a superpower. Her ties to Leviathan and Talia Al Ghul provide plenty of interesting potential.

              The story doesn’t take up to much time to do anything else than explain who Honor is what the kind of life she lives now. It’s compelling enough, especially when she goes into momma bear mode when her absolutely adorable kid is brought into it. There is plenty of action with some great art. This book is definitely not boring.
Artists have taken center stage with this “New Age of Heroes” line of books. John Romita Jr. is showcased here and if you love him, then this book will be a treat. If you aren’t quite a fan, well this book will do little to sway your opinion. He has a very distinctive, blocky, cartoony style that is very much prevalent here. The action is top notch. His scenes are very kinetic and a blast to see. Worth mentioning is the colors by Dean White. He breathes life into JRJR’s art by using a surprisingly colorful palate.
             The book might not have the most original premise but it provided plenty of fun and some great art from JRJR. Silencer makes for a fine addition to the DC Universe.

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