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Batman: White Knight #4

by Michael D on January 03, 2018

Writer & Artist: Sean Murphy
Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth
Publisher: DC Comics

            This month, Sean Murphy continues his Elseworld tale and picks up the pace, moving the plot along nicely. For me, the highlight was the exploration of the “new” Harley that we were introduced to in the first issue. 
            The issue starts off with the culmination of Duke and Napier’s collaboration that was hinted at in the previous issue. Napier has announced his campaign to run for councilman in what turns into a peaceful protest through the streets of Backport. Batman and the Gotham City Police Department step in and put a halt to it but not without losing some of the public support. Murphy certainly uses this as an attempt to comment on certain social issue. It works for the most part but I felt that just like in the second issue, he’s tackled too many issues at once. I wish he would focus on one issue rather than trying to tackle corruption, corporate greed, police brutality, gatekeepers, etc. I appreciate the attempt to try to comment on issues that are more serious but he doesn’t stick the landing everytime.
            We finally get a better idea of what Napier’s plan is to save Gotham and it’s not the most original plan. He wants vigilantes to, instead of working alongside the GCPD, to work with the GCPD. He wants to see Batman and Batgirl don a badge and become a public servant. I’m interested to see where it goes but not too excited. It seems like just a way to push Batman away from the GCPD even further.
            Meanwhile, Murphy handles the intimate moments to well. The date that Napier and Harley go on was an absolute treat to see. He really captures the sincerity of their relationship. Maybe he just has a knack with Harley because the new one becomes a primary antagonist within this issue and her origin is fully explained. Turns out, she’s just a normal, broken girl who was given a chance by the Joker. He did a fantastic job of making her a tragic character who is more than just a copy of the original Harley. One problem and had with the small character moments was that there was none for Batman. He’s become unlikable with almost no page space.
            One last thing worth mentioning is that if you follow Murphy on any social media then you know he loves to draw car. He gets to scratch that itch this issue and he’s a master and bringing cars to life, do not miss it.
            This was another great issue with some fantastic moments. The overall plot might not be getting me too excited right now but as long as he continues this character work, I’m along for the ride.

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