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Doctor Strange #26

by Michael D on October 18, 2017

Writer: John Barber
Artist: Niko Henrichon
Publisher: Marvel

Doctor Strange #26 is the last issue before the big legacy overhaul and because of this; it feels like the series is just spinning its wheels until next month. John Barber did last months  issue and he returns again here with artist Niko Henrichon. The issue is fun and Henrichon has some crazy good art.

The story this issue is very simple, Doctor Strange and new apprentice continue their hunt for magical artifacts. This hunt takes them to the New York underground subway system. In some ways it feels like a horror story, fitting for the season.  It’s claustrophobic, dark and you have demon possession and undead skeletons. The demon makes its presence known through a subtle, constant heartbeat. It’s a lot of fun and reminiscent of The Tell- Tale Heart. Barber’s got a strong grasp on both Doctor Strange and Zelma Stanton. He is able to great some good chemistry between the characters and they play well off each other. Zelma is still the “straight man” character, completely perplexed by everything, but she’s still got some spunk to her.

Henrichon’s art is the real star of the issue. He drew the Secret Empire tie in issue and returns with even better art. The setting of the issue perfectly played to his strengths. He’s got a detailed and clear line work, especially with the main characters. When the demon and skeleton monsters show up, which look awesome, he keeps the detail but it becomes messier and chaotic. They are shrouded in shadows and change form. It looks great and really helps the tone of the book. After reading this, I need to see Henrichon on a horror book pronto. I hope that Henrichon’s work on the series isn’t done yet.

While this issue was nothing more than a filler issue, it was fun and great to look at. You can't ask for more than that. It's worth a pick up, especially for those who are excited about the future of the title with Legacy.

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