Avengers Vs X-men #3 (of 12)

by lucstclair on May 05, 2012

After Wolverine heals from a scorching encounter with Hope, Cyclops & the X-men make their escape. Plus: Captain America & Wolverine have a heated debate on the welfare of Hope Summers.


To advance the story further (and to sell more tie-in issues, let’s face it) and for reasons I won’t spoil, The Avengers split into 5 different teams to locate Hope. For the first time, Marvel introduces the Marvel Augmented Reality App. There are a total of 6 of these logos (AR), including the cover. They’re supposed to enhance your e-comic experience. I have nothing against e-comics, but what I have a problem with is product placement in comic books. It’s bad enough that our movies are over saturated with product placement, but a line must be drawn for comics. Mark my words, this is simply the beginning. As far as this issue goes, it feels like a filler, nothing more. Written by Aaron, Bendis, Brubaker, Fraction & Hickman. Illustrated by John Romita Jr. from Marvel Comics.

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