Who is Jake Ellis? (TPB)

by lucstclair on April 24, 2012

Meet Jon Moore. Ex-C.I.A spy on the run for his life. Escaping from a complex that doesn’t exist, where he was subject to extremely unpleasant experiments. His only friend is Jack Ellis, a man who acts as both partner & guardian angel. He’s also a man that only Jon seems to see & hear. Is Jake a figment of his imagination? An apparition manifested by his own paranoia? Or is he something entirely different? Together they must outwit other agents, dodge bullets & seek the truth if they are to find the location of… The Facility.


A great new agent on the run & off the grid series a la Jason Bourne from writer Nathan Edmondson (Grifter : The New 52) & illustrator Tonci Zonjic (Heralds). The first 5 pages are so cleverly done, that I was automatically hooked. The story is captivating, the dialogue is razor-sharp & there’s pulse-pounding action & suspense. The ending was a little predictable for me, but it was still a wild ride. There’s a great quote taken from the protagonist that really sums up the book. “The voice in my head has developed a mind of his own”. Great stuff. Originally published as Who is Jake Ellis? #1-#5. From Image Comics.

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