Nightwing #8

by lucstclair on April 21, 2012

Night Of The Owls prelude! The call to all the Batman family members has been made, The Court Of Owls has sent their Talon assassins to murder 40 Gotham City officials. Some of the poor souls have already been killed (see Batman #8), others like Mayor Hady are next… not on Nightwing’s watch!


This is officially my very first Nightwing issue and it’s a doozy. Some interesting background about the history of The Talons, especially one in particular as Nightwing is in for the bloodiest fight of his life! Written by Kyle Higgins (Batman: Gates Of Gotham) & illustrated by Eddy Barrows (Superman : Grounded) who’s work I’m unfamiliar with, but is a gifted penciller. I love the “soon-to-be-dead point of view of a Talon assassin’s  victim” cover. From DC Comics.

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What a great issue! I'm so glad I picked it up. I wasn't going to get all the cross-over issues for this event but I took a chance on Nightwing and am glad I did. This issue compliments the Batman issue perfectly.