Justice League #8

by lucstclair on April 21, 2012

Oliver Queen is trying to make amends for a life of crime by trying to join The Justice League as the crime-fighting archer known as Green Arrow, but is The League interested? Featuring Martian Manhunter. Plus: Billy Batson is introduced to his new family.


A riveting issue with the very eager to please Green Arrow who shows he has the chops to be in The Justice League. Written by Geoff Johns & illustrated Carlos D’Anda (JLA Kid Amazo), Ivan Reis (Aquaman) & Gary Frank (Batman : Earth One, Midnight Nation). Cover by Jim Lee. From DC Comics.

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I've had it with JL. They could've made this a premier title. They had great talent on it but something is just not clicking. Think I'll start picking up Nightwing instead.