Batman : Gates Of Gotham (TPB)

by lucstclair on April 06, 2012

A new villain called The Architect is bombing Gotham’s oldest historical sites, pioneered by 3 of the city’s founding families. Dick Grayson has successfully taken on the mantle of Batman, but he’s going to need all the help he can get as he unites with Robin, Red Robin & Black Bat. Together they must unravel Gotham’s mysterious past before its future is reduced to ashes & rubble. Featuring the villainy of Hush & The Penguin.


An engaging enigma of a tale as Gotham’s humble beginnings are revealed. Regular Batman scribe Scott Snyder (Swamp Thing) teams up with regular Nightwing scribe Kyle Higgins with the illustrations of an all-star team consisting of Trevor McCarthy, Dustin Nguyen (Superman/Batman : Torment), Graham Nolan (The Joker : The Devil’s Advocate) & Derec Donovan.


Plus: Includes a fun Batman Inc. short story featuring the introduction of Nightrunner, The Batman of Paris. Written by Kyle Higgins & illustrated by Trevor McCarthy. Originally published as Batman : Gates Of Gotham #1-#5, Detective Comics Annual #12 & Batman Annual #28. From DC Comics.

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