Sweet Tooth Vol. 1 : Out Of The Deep Woods (TPB)

by lucstclair on December 11, 2011

The Stand meets The Island Of Dr. Moreau in this story of a deadly disease wiping out millions and all the children born since then are these half human, half animal hybrids. Gus is such a child, living in exile in a cabin in the woods with his dying father. When tragedy strikes, Gus is forced to leave the comfy confides of the only home he’s ever known only to be attacked by a new breed of poachers. He is then saved by the mysterious Jepperd, but is he friend or foe? The two journey together across the new American frontier to find the rumoured “The Preserve” for sanctuary.

Jeff Lemire does, in my opinion his best work to date about a tale of plague, despair and unusual friendships all mixed in one terrific story. His artwork is creepy and hauntingly beautiful all at once. I love this series. Reprinting Sweet Tooth #1-#5 from DC/Vertigo Comics. Suggested for mature readers.

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