American Vampire Vol. 2 (HC)

by lucstclair on December 11, 2011

It’s 1936, Cash McCogan is a Las Vegas cop who has a lot on his plate, police chief to a growing population of whores and criminals, no help from the government and a baby on it’s way. But that’s the least of his problems when the owner and crooked business man of a well known brothel is none other than Skinner Sweet, first American re (born) vampire! McCogan finally gets some help in the form of two FBI agents, Straw and Book. These agents have hidden agendas that’s about to turn our hero cop’s world upside down. It’s gonna be a blood bath in Sin City! Plus : From the pages of American Vampire Vol. 1. Vampire Pearl Jones & husband Henry enjoying the quiet life, but fate had a different twist for the life of their friend Hattie Hargrove.


Two tales of terror in one blood-soaked volume. A few main players return from the first story arc for more character development, that’s good, but I much preferred the first volume. Having said that, I still love this series the way it evolves with each passing era. Looking forward to the next instalment, set in WW2. Written by Scott Snyder (Batman) and illustrated by Rafael Albuquerque & Mateus Santalouco. Reprinting American Vampire #6-#11 from DC/Vertigo Comics. Suggested for mature readers.

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