by lucstclair on December 10, 2011

Playtime is taken to a whole new level by the kids of Armstrong Elementary School as they battle cootie zombies and pirates in a kid’s pretend world gone mad! Meet Scrap, Yoshi and Clinton. A couple of kids who are in way over their heads when the vixen Juliet unleashes the “cootie plague” infecting every other kid on the playground and turning them into brain-craving blue zombies who sprout posies from their pockets. Can this trio survive and defeat the menace of these cootie zombies? Find out in “Pocket Full Of Posies” & “Day Of The Unliving Alive”. Plus: Scrap and Clinton captured by pirates! The captain of the pirates wants total control of the yards and he’s using all the students lunch money to finance his twisted plans. The only one who can save Scrap and Clinton is Yoshi, but the captain has plans for her as well and he’s ready to make a deal! Adventure on the high seas awaits in “Rise Of The Wreckyard” I have to say I was really impressed by David Halvorson’s digital comic about a bunch of kids playing pretend adventures in the schoolyard. Written for all ages and illustrated in a “funnies newspaper” style that works well with these stories. I like how Halverson uses kids lingo, there is a scene in which the kids use the “1-minute time out” to get out of a sticky situation that’s so clever, but I don’t want to spoil it. The use of skipping ropes and water balloons are also creative. It’s funny and originally fresh. I don’t normally read these type of comics, but I’m glad I did because I would’ve missed out on a really good comic. I can’t wait for “The Ballad Of Sheriff Davenport”. To read Armstrong and for more information please visit the following website…

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