Aliens : Fast Track To Heaven (HC Graphic Novella)

by lucstclair on November 30, 2011


The science team on Europa, one of Jupiter’s moon has been out of contact for days and a search & rescue team lead by the tough as nails Colonel O’Shea were sent in to investigate (a common plot theme for Aliens). Connecting the orbiting space station and Europa is a transport space elevator that shoots straight down. O’Shea and his team must descend into the darkness to find out what exactly happened. Rumor has it, that the science team discovered an alien organism of unknown origin and that’s when the terror begins. Hell awaits…below!


It’s been a while since I last read an Aliens comic. This story is exactly what I’ve come to expect from these series. It’s very moody and the creep factor is cranked to the max. Written & illustrated by the talented Liam Sharp (Judge Dredd, Gears Of War). Beautifully painted cover and the interior sets the mood just right. Low on plot, but if you’re a fan of these Aliens series like me, then you’re gonna love this. Let the chest bursting begin! From Dark Horse Comics.


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