American Vampire Vol. 1 (HC)

by lucstclair on November 27, 2011


This is the bloody history of Skinner Sweet, the first “born” vampire conceived on American soil. Sweet is a new breed of vampire and he knows it, but he wants to share his new found gifts. The vampires of the old country think Sweet is an abomination and a threat to their way of life (or death). They are not risk takers, they are very careful and sophisticated and will not let an outlaw scumbag like Sweet embarrass them.


The setting jumps back and forth from the 1880’s to the 1920’s and keeps the story flowing. Just when I’ve had it up to my neck (no pun intended) with the vampire phenomenon, here comes this fresh new story and reminds us that vampires are blood-thirsty killers and not lovesick teenagers that sparkle in the sunlight (yeah I’m talking to you Twilight!). Written by Scott Snyder (Batman), Co-written by Stephen King (how cool is that!) and illustrated by Rafael Albuquerque. Suggested for mature readers. Reprinting American Vampire #1-#5 from DC/Vertigo Comics.


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