Punisher Presents : Barracuda (TPB)

by lucstclair on November 26, 2011

Barracuda, no doubt the toughest & meanest mofo The Punisher has ever fought. I mean, even Jigsaw’s afraid of this muscle bound maniac. He’s survived his first encounter with The Punisher (minus an eye and four fingers) and now he’s ready for round two. But before he quenches his thirst for revenge, he’s gonna need plenty of cash and firepower. Meet mob boss Chris Angelone drawn to look like a famous actor who often portrays gangsters in movies (leave your guess in the comments field if you know). He’s got a job for the ‘Cuda to whack a narcotics competitor in Central America and he’s willing to pay top dollar. His target is Leopold Luna, a man from Barracuda’s past. Next thing you know the ‘Cuda has is own agenda and is playing both sides caught in war with tanks, a hemapheliac, a pedophile, a tranny and an ex porn queen! Just another day for the ‘Cuda, knowumsayin’?

This story with it’s over the top action and violence is hilarious. For hard core Punisher fans only. Part of The Marvel Max series for mature readers for explicit content.

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