Great Pacific #5

by lucstclair on March 06, 2013

Pirates invade the under populated New Texas and take Chas Worthington as their captive, but this plastic landmass is about to get crowded as it attracts the attention of the indigenous population & the military.

The Team

Written & created by Joe Harris (Vampirella & The Scarlet Legion TP, Creepy Comics Vol. 1) & Martin Morazzo. Illustrated & coloured by Martin Morazzo (The Network). Published by Image Comics.

The Pros & Cons

“We ain’t three weeks up and running and my country’s got separatists already?”
-Chas Worthington
Ain’t that the sad truth, things get complicated for our protagonist as his country’s population starts to increase, but not the way he wants it. The plot thickens, as these turn of events really adds an element of intrigue and danger to this already awesome series. Alliances and enemies are made, as Chas Worthington`s perfectly thought out plans (see Great Pacific #1) come crashing down like a house of cards or in this case a house of plastic bottles and trash.
Martin Morazzo’s illustrations, along with Tiza Studio’s colours continue to amaze me with fleshed out characters and a landmass made of garbage that’s ugly and beautiful at the same time.

The Outcome

If you missed out on this series, good luck finding the original sold out issues. Make sure you don’t miss the TPB coming out May 14. With titles Saga & Chew, Great Pacific is one unique series from Image that I simply cannot avoid.

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