Where is Jake Ellis? #1

by lucstclair on November 11, 2012

The story of super spy Jon Moore and his guardian angel Jake Ellis continues as both men have switched places or have they? It’s a continuing game of cat & mouse as both men must rely on each other if they want to survive.

The Team

Written by Nathan Edmondson (Grifter : The New 52) & illustrator Tonci Zonjic (Heralds). Published by Image Comics.

The Pros & Cons

This is a direct sequel to very good mini series Who is Jake Ellis? (click here for my TPB review). The story begins where we left off, with Jon Moore busting into the Facility like gang busters and discovering that the voices in his head were coming from another super spy named Jake Ellis, the problem is that Ellis is in a coma. Now this is the part where I got a little confused, Jon takes off and leaves Jake in his state, the thing is, Jon looks like Jake and Jake looks like Jon. You following me so far? Then in the third act of the comic, Jake falls into consciousness and begins to guide Jon through a series of dodges & near misses like he did in the first series. Now I’m hopeful this situation might be explained in future issues or maybe I’m just not getting it. The action is pretty intense throughout the story. We get foot chases, sniper shots & rooftop chases in exotic places like Morocco & Bangkok that would make Jason Bourne proud.


Nathan Edmondson’s snappy dialogue that made the first series so enjoyable is absent, but what it lacks in script makes up for character development & pulse pounding action. Illustrator Tonci Zonjic also returns with gorgeous panels with smooth looking drawings and an attention to detail that is a feast for the eyes. The full page and 3 panels of Jon/Jake shaving in a public bathroom is the work of a true artist.

The Outcome

Despite my praises about this first issue having colourful characters & wall to wall excitement, I was still a little disappointed by its confusing plot elements. Like the title says “Where is Jake Ellis?” where indeed?

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