Revival #1

by lucstclair on July 13, 2012

A strange occurrence is happening in the U.S. as the recently deceased have come back to life, but not as zombies. They continue to “live” their lives as though nothing happened and with it comes bizarre fast healing powers. The government hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a biological attack, but something is definitely amiss. Enter officer Cypress of Wausau, Wisconsin. Accompanied by her sister Martha, things go from strange to lethal as Officer Cypress investigates a recent “reviver”.


The Pros

This is an intriguing small town mystery mixed with the possibility of a mass epidemic. The story lays on the mystery pretty thick as the reason for “Revival Day” could be biological warfare, a new strain of disease, biblical, supernatural or even alien in origin. The main characters are quickly introduced and the ending is a terrific cliff hanger. Writer Tim Seeley (The Occultist Vol. 1) gives us an unsettling rural noir story and Mike Norton’s (Battlepug) illustrations are perfect for this comic’s settings. The violence/gore is brutal and disturbing and adds real tension to the story.


The Cons

Nothing really negative to mention.


The Outcome

This was a good first issue and peaked my interest just enough to stick around for the next issue. From Image Comics.

Our Score:


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