American Vampire : Lord Of Nightmares #2

by lucstclair on July 12, 2012

After the theft of Dracula’s coffin, Hobbes tells Felicia the frightening history of the infamous Carpathian vampire and the hell he’s about to unleash on the world.


The Pros

Things slow down a bit with the history lesson on Dracula’s twisted past and Mr. Glass’ way to revive Dracula is pretty sick, but creative. Like last issue, this one has a great cliff hanger ending. Writer Scott Snyder (Severed, Batman : The Black Mirror) keeps the reader captivated with a chilling story and illustrator Dustin Nguyen’s panels on Dracula 101 is very interesting.


The Cons



The Outcome

This is a very good companion reader to the awesome American Vampire series. Here are my reviews for American Vampire Vol. 1, 2 & 3. From DC/Vertigo.

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