Secret Agent Poyo #1

by lucstclair on July 11, 2012

From the pages of Chew comes… Poyo!!! In his first solo comic book issue/one shot. After a dangerous mission goes horribly wrong, Poyo lies on an operating table fighting for his poultry life. After spending some time in hell and facing the Devil himself, Poyo comes back to the light… and lives! Now back from the dead and eager to get back in the field, he faces his most hazardous mission yet. Dr. Regenbogen is the foremost expert in the science of ranapuliva, the science of making frogs or other farm animals rain down in a storm of beasts. If his demands are not met, he will unleash a storm the likes the world has never seen. There’s only one agent for the job, one farm animal that cannot be tamed or reasoned or used in a storm. The world needs… POYO!!!


The Pros

I don’t get why out of all the characters from Chew, Poyo is the one who gets a spin off one shot. I also don’t get people’s fascination with the character, but I was on board every bloody step of the way. From John Layman & Rob Guillory, the creators of Chew comes a completely over the top, hysterically violent, action packed & intensely entertaining story of one bad-ass cybernetic rooster. In one single comic book adventure, the positively perilous poultry has literally been to hell and back, fought side by side with the finest super heroes, stop a maniacal madman from flooding the world with livestock & fall totally and madly in love. That’s one tough mofo rooster!


The Cons

I can’t say anything for fear of Poyo!!! retaliation. Caw! Caw! Oh no I’ve said too much already.


The Outcome

This was a complete riot from beginning to end. Bottom line is if you dig Chew, then Poyo is for you. Poyo!!! (I swear that was the last one). From Image Comics.

Our Score:


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