The High Republic Adventures #9 Review

by Krownest on October 08, 2021

QORT IS LITERALLY THE CUTEST CHARACTER EVER! There, that's my review of this issue.

... Ok obviously there's more to it than that. But it's true! Last issue of The High Republic Adventures saw the introduction of Takodana in the High Republic era, alongside a fantastic new art style and a new Kyuzo Jedi I love already. But this issue, while not really moving the present-day story forward too much, focuses in on specifically Qort, the mysterious little Jedi that's part of the Starhopper crew with Lula and Farzala. As revealed this issue, he has a history on Takodana, and more specifically with the one and only Pirate Queen Maz Kanata herself!

This might be one of my favorite issues of the series yet, because it just has so many elements that make a Star Wars comic. For one, the art is consistently great throughout, which is always an unknown when it comes to Star Wars comics. Next, it does something new while also building off of the lore and characters we know. This does that by deepening our understanding of original character Qort, by revealing his connection to movie character Maz Kanata (she basically adopted him!). And finally, by having some really fun deep cuts in the lore.

That last bit deserves it's own section, as it has a bit of a history. When Qort was introduced, it was noticed pretty immediately that his helmet is very similar to that of the Yuuzhan Vong, the extra-solar alien invaders from Legends storytelling. In Legends, the Vong got their helmets from the Vonduun Crab. In this issue, we learn that Qort's species is "coincidentally" from the far edge of the Galaxy, and they also craft helmets made from these crabs. It's a really fun little nod, and if they ever use the Vong again it would be very easy to say that Qort's people used to be Vong that emigrated into the Galaxy.

But besides just that nerdy little lore pull, the issue is just so, so good. It makes us care about Qort, which is surprising since until now he's mostly just been the quiet comedic relief. And as I said, he now feels almost integral to Star Wars, since he has such a heartfelt connection with Maz Kanata. But of course, the issue can't just be wholesomeness and fun, and the issue does end by blowing some stuff up, setting up a more action-packed #10 that's probably gonna be great. But as good as it is, I think I'll prefer this wholesome, perfect little issue.

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