Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1

by Jrs1003 on February 08, 2018

Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1
Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Mike Allred
Cover Artist: Aaron Kuder
Publisher: Marvel Comics

As Marvel's Avengers line continues its explosive run on the No Surrender event, they are also laying the groundwork for something much larger. In direct contrast to the violence and chaos of No Surrender, this book offers a personal, introspective look at Adam Warlock and Kang the Conqueror as they journey through time and space. This issue functions as several things for new and veteran readers alike. First, Adam Warlock and Kang are not characters that many people ar familiar with if they do not often read comics, but to those that do they are beloved characters. This book has the difficult task of making it clear to new readers who Adam Warlock and Kang are while giving long-time fans a new and entertaining narrative to follow. It does this masterfully as Kang takes the reader on a ride along with Adam. We get a brief, yet informative history of who Adam is and where he is coming from early on in the book. This does not in any way detract from the story and is visually appealing enough that comic vets have something to appreciate as well.

The dynamic between Adam and Kang throughout the issue fills in any blanks for new readers as to how these characters fit into the Marvel universe. The two could not be more different. Adam, being a paragon of justice and a savior of the universe multiple times over clashes with Kang, who is egotistical and who has himself threatened the world multiple times. This understanding lends itself to the other major strength of the issue: showing instead of telling. Whatever threat could bring these two together must be fantastically powerful. Several splash pages that depict slain heroes not only illustrate this, but also give readers a hint as to who the major players of the upcoming event are going to be.

This single issue successfully begins setup for what will eventually be a cosmic-level event comic that encompasses almost all of the Marvel universe. In thirty pages, this is no easy feat, but the sharp and concise writing on Duggan's part nails it. The art by Mike Allred is always a pleasure, and when used on the many settings and characters visited in this issue, it is especially pleasing. Marvel's first metaphorical toe in the water of the upcoming Infinity event hits every point it needs to for a setup issue, but also offers a story that is much deeper and will leave readers chomping at the bit for more. If the rest of this event is half as well-done as this issue, Marvel has struck gold.

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