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Runaways #6

by Jrs1003 on February 06, 2018

Runaways #6
Writer: Rainbow Rowell 
Penciler: Kris Anka 
Cover Artist: Kris Anka 
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Runaways #6 is the kick in the shorts that the series needed to finally get moving. Just like the rest of the series so far, Rowell's dialogue is right on target between the Runaways, capturing what makes the team so special in the first place. This is a team that's been put through their paces, with deaths, separations, and betrayals left and right. This is evident in the interactions in this issue, as the team is clearly exhausted and simply want to go home. The dialogue has never been the issue with this particular run, though.

In the past five issues of this run, very little has actually happened. The whole first arc was buildup to what we got in this issue, with the team finally doing what they do best, running away. It was very rewarding to finally see the whole team back together and fighting alongside one another again. At this point in the series, the story could go just about anywhere, as although there are still several dangling plot threads, the team is out on their own once again. With any luck, the momentum achieved in this issue will continue over the next few arcs. With this quality of writing combined with an actual moving story, this could be one of the better takes on the Runaways in a while.

Art-wise, this book is great. Kris Anka continues to put out solid work, with expressive faces and vibrant colors keeping the eyes of the reader for the entirety of the issue. Though this series has its issues, the conclusion of this issue gives a lot of hope that this will shape up to be a top quality comic in short order.

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