Thor: God of Thunder #1

by john on November 16, 2012

When Marvel NOW! was announced one of the title I was looking forward to the most was Thor: God of Thunder by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic.


The cover of this first issue is great. We see Thor and his hammer in the mountains with the thunder behind him. The cover has very nice coloring and is very detailed.


As you might have read Thor: God of Thunder follows three incarnations of Thor. In the first part of the comic we meet a young, wild and arrogant Thor. This part of the story takes places on Iceland 893 a.d. This is the period of the Vikings and Thor seems to fit right in. Even though him being a god he has much in common with the mortal Vikings. They both enjoy the same things: killing, drinking and making love to women. The second incarnation of Thor is the now version of Thor. This incarnations of Thor visits the Indigarr a planet that has no gods. Thor has never seen a planet without gods and goes on an investigation. This is the main part of the story.The last incarnation of Thor is Thor as King of Asgard millenniums into the future. This incarnation of Thor is a old and lonely Thor. Even though these three incarnations are thousands of years apart and all have a very different character the story has a narrative feel to it. The story that is told fits in great over the three different periods. This issue has lot of mythology in it, I don’t know of this is the line this series is going to follow, but I hope it does. Thought some readers might want a little more action and a bit less god mythology.


I would suggest that everyone tries this first issue of Thor: God of Thunder. This issue has an interesting story and great art. In my opinion it is the best Marvel NOW! Launch yet. Thought I have to see how the three incarnation of Thor idea is going to work . Everyone should give Thor: God of Thunder a try.

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